The Oswaldo Cruz Path

23 jun/2015

The Oswaldo Cruz Path is the route taken by employees from the Amorim station to the facilities of what was then the Oswaldo Cruz Institute at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The path is flanked by a row of centenarian fig trees that contribute to an agreeable walk. Today, most of the surrounding area consists of vegetation with various species of birds.

The Path is part of the Fiocruz Manguinhos Campus conservation area, which includes buildings, green areas and historical urban spaces.

Follow the symbol along the path and have an enjoyable walk.

Former Amorim Stop (now Manguinhos Station)

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Fiocruz Castle 

This section represents the connection between the Oswaldo Cruz Path and the former Amorim Stop. Due to the construction of new buildings over the years, this path has been modified.